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Schleppy Tinkletea


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Schleppy grew up in a rich family, having tutors teaching him basic reading, writing, arithmetic, and the arts at a young age, as well as trainers teaching him basic self-defense.
Growing bored of this lifestyle, he saw a band of adventurers wander through the city he grew up and he decided to add some fun into his life he would go on his own.

The teenaged halfling left home, and met up with the adventurers who showed him the Mortal Guardians guild.

Over his adventures he has met a loyal companion of his, the Mastiff - Sir Pinkerton.

Where shall Schleppy's next adventure take him?

Level 3
Experience: 900

Coin: 51gp

Magic Items: +1 Hand Crossbow (uncommon)

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Gained 1000xp and 10p 230g 

spent 5p during mission

New totals

Level: 5
Experience: 9025
Coin: 65pp 5465gp
Magic items: +1 Hand Crossbow

Schleppy has met his death on this mission, and went out in a massive explosion.

RIP Schleppy

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