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Magic Item Prices


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Specific Magic Items


Hand Mortar				125gp
Hand Mortar (ammunition)		60gp

Note: mundane items such as non-magical armors are listed in the Basic Rules (or Player's Handbook).


Alchemist’s Doom			65gp
Ammunition, Walloping			35gp per ammunition
Bottle of Boundless Coffee		55gp
Chest of Preserving			45gp
Cloak of Many Fashions			20gp
Clockwork Amulet (attune)		70gp
Clothes of Mending			60gp
Cuddly Strixhaven Mascot		60gp
Dark Shard Amulet			40gp
Dynamite (stick)			100gp
Earring of Message			125gp
Everbright Lantern			125gp
Explosive seed				65gp
Feather Token	(Feather Fall)		70gp
Glamerweave				70gp
Goodberry Wine				50gp
Heward’s Handy Spice Pouch	 	35gp
Imbued Wood Focus			25gp
Lantern of Tracking			85gp
Masque Charm				85gp
Masquerade Tattoo			155gp
Medal of Muscle				60gp
Medal of the Horizonback		60gp
Moon Touched Weapon			95gp + weapon cost
Orb of Shielding			70gp
Pole of Angling				25gp
Pole of Collapsing			25gp
Pot of Awakening			125gp
Potion of Climbing			55gp
Potion of Comprehension			60gp
Potion of Healing			50gp
Rope of Mending				65gp
Ruby of the War Mage			60gp
Shiftweave Outfit 			25gp
Strixhaven Pennant			35gp
Tankard of Plenty			85gp
Wand of Smiles/Scowls			40gp


Potion of Greater Healing		320gp
Potion of Fire Breath			290gp
Potion of Hill Giant Strength		310gp
Spellwrought Tattoo (2nd-lvl)		475gp
Spellwrought Tattoo (3rd-lvl)		1200gp


Potion of Superior Healing		10,500gp
Potion of Mind Control (humanoid)	8,750gp

Very Rare

Potion of Supreme Healing		33,000gp
Potion of Mind Control (monster)	31,250gp

Spell Scrolls

Spell Level	Rarity		Price
Cantrip		Common		30gp
1st		Common		70gp
2nd		Uncommon	250gp
3rd		Uncommon	550gp
4th		Rare		7,500gp
5th		Rare		16,000gp	
6th		Very rare	34,000gp
7th		Very rare	75,000gp
8th		Very rare	140,000gp
9th		Legendary	290,000gp

Spellwrought Tattos

Spell Level	Rarity		Price
Cantrip		Common		60gp
1st		Common		150gp
2nd		Uncommon	525gp
3rd		Uncommon	3,000gp
4th		Rare		17,250gp
5th		Rare		30,000gp
6th		Very rare	42,900gp
7th		Very rare	75,000gp
8th		Legendary	257,500gp
9th		Legendary	450,000gp

Combining Common Magic Items

To combine enchantments from common magic items into a single item, multiply the total combined cost of the items by the number of items. E.g. a Shiftweave Outfit (60gp) that is also Clothes of Mending (25gp) would cost (60gp + 25gp) x 2 = 170gp. If Glamerweave (70gp) is also included, then the price becomes (60gp + 25gp + 70gp) x 3 = 465gp.

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Goodberry Wine
Potion, uncommon

This weighty, elegant wine composed of fermented magical goodberries is as nutritious as it is an indulgence. Taking on the deep colorful hues of the particular shade of goodberry used in its crafting, the beverage carries an aroma of warm black cherry, rich cocoa, and earthy thickets. As an action, you can drink a single serving of goodberry wine to regain 3d4+3 hit points. Additionally, you gain advantage on the first ability check or saving throw you make within the next minute.

To brew a single serving of goodberry wine, the process requires 1 goodberry, 275 gp worth of crushed fey lavender, and proficiency with either an herbalism kit or alchemist's supplies. The wine may be mixed and bottled over the course of a few minutes, but it requires 1 day to fully ferment and achieve its healing and sustaining properties.

(Purchase price for a single vial: 290gp)

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