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Chen Kao


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Character sheet: ddb.ac/characters/71832460/QlzV2X


Chen Kao was born as the son of an elven aristocrat and his human mistress. Weather out of shame of having a half elven child or to not allow him rights to any possible inheritance he would have been entitled Chen's would force him to enter under the service of an elven god at a temple in the town. For most of his childhood and teenage life Chen would serve the temple but due to the social oppression he faced from the temple's hagiarchy he would never truly feel belonging in the church. At the age of twenty, in an attempt to find himself, Chen would gather his personal belongings in the night and left. Chen would travel for a month long journey before finding a human town. The town would give Chen a warm warning and he would quickly join the local church of Lathander. With a newfound sense of faith Chen would loyally serve the church up until the age of twenty-three when he would purchase adventuring equipment and would leave the town to seek out adventure and to serve Lathander.



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