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3 hours ago, Trike said:

As Aelfride arrives at the front Aban says. 

" Do you remember me I was one of the adventurers who helped with the rat problem and wanted to do some extra business?"

@feywildwitchling @Lochlainni don't know how talking to an NPC works in Forums. will i also do their actions or will someone else do them.

U can narrate their actions and behaviors, from what I recall so long as whatever your doing doesn’t have any mechanical benefit in game go wild with it. (Pst loch delete my reply when you see this)

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No need to delete!! Ruuby is correct! In the solo RP area, you can literally write any story you want and portray the characters (NPCs included) as you choose! The only limitation is using another player's OC: try not to use them without permission outside of basic things like seeing them at a distance or passing in the guild hall.

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