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A righteous cause.

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Chen Kao would be be walking through the streets of Waterdeep with his traveling gear on his back and his halberd in its specialized sheath on his back. Chen would walk through the streets looking around the merchant district at the various stalls. Chen would look at a busy sweets store with a look of disgust before continuing his walk. Chen would produce a copy of the rules of the Goddess Grinarva with a pair of lips burned onto the leather book cover as this is her symbol. Chen would take a deep breath before starting to speak to himself.

"Grinarva, goddess of the mouth and all to do with it. A follower of her must keep her domains on the living body pure. I, Chen Kao, as a paladin in the service of Grinarva, must maintain a pure diet, only allowing myself luxury foods on special occasions."

Upon finishing saying this Chen's eyes would move from the sweets store and would land upon a beggar in the town who's teeth would be visibly falling out. Chen would frown at the sight and says.

"A filthy mouth is a filthy soul... Weather it be from bad hygiene of the teeth or to let filthy words leave your mouth allowing your mouth to be made filthy is one of the most grievous sins and is not fit for a follower of Grinarva."

As Chen's eyes would move from the beggar they would land on a passing paladin with a blank expression on his face. Chen would roll his eyes before saying.

"The final rule of a paladin of Grinarva. The expressions of the faith are a holy thing. A neutral expression is considered an insult to Grinarva and will be met thusly in the future. The face of a Paladin is not meant to show purely joy, anger, or sadness. All the expressions are holy and no one is meant to be hidden because of a follower of Grinarva."

As Chen finished saying the tenets of a follower of Grinarva he would come to his destination, the local job board. Not long after looking at the board Chen would take a notice off of the board and says.

"The Mortal Guardians. I hope you are still hiring."

After reading it Chen would pocket the notice and would leave to join the Mortal Guardians.

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