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Silaqui Firah


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Silaqui Firah

Silaqui Firah was born on the material plane, their parents having left the Feywilds briefly to explore the other world. Unbeknownst to their parents, though, the day of their birth coincided with a frightful phenomenon. The light of Selune vanished from the sky in an eclipse completely darkening the night. It was immediately apparent that something was off with the babe, eyes that should be a white reflection of vibrant skin were instead a deep, abyssal black. The vibrant skin was a bit more pale, no overtone, and hints of white, though some sparkles flashed across it. They weren't sure the baby would make it through the night, but Silaqui survived.

Their parents sought out help as to what could have happened and soon learned the Shadowfell had affected their child. They weren't sure about bringing Silaqui back to the Feywild, so they decided to stay and raise them in the material plane. Silaqui began to exhibit other ways their odd birth affected them over the years. Their parents would suddenly hear Silaqui's voice in their head and learned they could communicate telepathically at times, when Silaqui wanted to. Their aberrant mind was awakening and bringing forth the natural power within them. 

In their teen years their parents found a school for them to attend and begin to hone their powers and learn more about their abilities, as well as more about the nature of their birth. As they finished, they branched out to explore the world...




Silaqui Firah

EXP: 0/300

GP: 15

Aberrant Mind Sorcerer

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