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Dohani asimar paladin

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-------Start of tracking-----

Gained 450 xp and 145 gold from session on 4/21

new totals 

lvl: 4

experience: 3,150

Coin: 304 gp

magic item: cloak of protection (uncommon) cursed toupee of destiny (requires brushing, benefits unknown, sass increased) 

@feywildwitchling let me know if I need to fix anything! Thanks! My first post is after a good number of sessions, so I'm a bit late to the game and I think I've kept track of everything 

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Dohani was born into a noble family of Asimar. He is the youngest of 3, with an older brother and sister. The oldest was his brother Duros, who was the shining angel of the family. His sister, Heirani, was the opposite of his brother. She exhibited all the wild/unruly habits one would find shameful in an honorable upstanding family. Dohani himself being the youngest tried to emulate his oldest brother in order to make his family proud. 

In their teenage years, Dohani and Heirani were off on an adventure in a surrounding town where she was killed while protecting him after he made a costly mistake. He swore an oath of vengeance against all evildoers and took on her more deplorable characteristics in order to keep her memory alive. 

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completion of episode 5 on 5/13

+190 gp

+600 xp 


5301 gp


swapping magic items--  luckstone for gauntlets of ogre strength to the tune of lets get physical

after swapping magic items, taking off asi again and changing it to a feat

just to add a little spice if these changes are okay @Lochlainn

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completion of episode 9 on 5/17

+2200 xp

20 platinum

117 gp


17450 xp

50 platinum

5418 gp

30 silver

mini update

double from booking

+ 20 platinum

+ 117 gp



70 platinum

5535 gp

30 silver

changed dohani race from variant aasimar to protector aasimar

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