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Chen Kao and Dohani. Made in cooperation on discord with Dohani.

The Bahli incident

It was a warm spring day in Bahli. The small town of Bahli was a calm town that was little know. In the town farmers and low level craftsmen could be seen heading to and from work. The town had been having bandit troubles and had requested help at a city not far from the town. In response the job board at the city would have a sign reading "Adventurers wanted in Bahli! Bandit clan raiding town almost daily!". Chen Kao would be in the city near Bahli and would see the job request so he would quickly head out. After a day long travel Chen Kao would report to the mayor's office to ask about the bandit troubles. 
Dohani had been traveling town to town looking for jobs and ways to make money to fund his adventures and habits. At the most recent stop he saw the notice for help at the nearby town of Bahli. He proceeded on foot to reach the town to offer his assistance. He arrived at the town, saw that parts of it seemed to be in shambles, the people looked downtrodden, and he knew he must avenge their suffering. He continued posthaste to the mayors office to inquire about what needed to be done. 
When Dohani enters the office Chen Kao would have just entered. At first look Chen Kao seemed to be just like every other paladin that would be seen, excluding his abnormally detailed care to his teeth. The mayor would look to Dohani and would say. "Ah! Two adventurers answer the call! Well, I suppose I could find the funds to pay both of you if you are willing to help." Upon hearing this Chen would look to Dohani. Chen would squint his eyes before looking to the mayor and saying. "No payment needed on my half sir, I am simply here to help you." 
Dohani observes Chen Kao's response, shrugs to himself and exclaims "I would gladly take the full amount, now what details can you give us about these vagabonds who are causing your people harm?" 
The mayor would clear his throat before looking to us both and saying. "For the past month a small group of bandits has grown out of control. Not long ago they were not a problem, our guards could handle them. But, after a bad harvest many farmers joined them and now they raid us almost daily and our guards are powerless. They camp out in a grotto just a mile north of here and shouldn't expect a surprise attack." Chen would nod at this before saying to the mayor. "Doesn't seem like too much trouble. I am sure I can deal with them without much trouble." 
Dohani thinks to himself that perhaps the mayor and/or the local government of this town may have something to do with the farmers joining these bandits in revolt to the town. In his travels he has seen high taxes and unfair leadership lead many common people to rebel against those over them. He keeps these thoughts to himself, prioritizing getting this job done, but wanting to investigate further if possible. He does inquire "For the farmers who have joined the bandits, do you wish to show mercy upon them? Perhaps bring them in alive? I imagine they would be friends and brothers to those in the town? Also, should we be wary of any people taken hostage or the families of the farmers who have joined the bandits being within the camp?" 
At this point Chen would be checking his supplies to ensure he has all that he needs. As Chen hears Dohani speak he would look to him and says. "Does it matter either way? Even if they were forced to be bandits that doesn't justify what they do. Hurting an entire community to defend their families. Besides, from what the may says it seems most of the bandits are the farmers that left. Now, I would much rather have a peaceful end, but, I doubt that will happen." 
After hearing his words, Dohani considers them and affirms his agreement. "What you say is true, it is an unfortunate turn of events, and perhaps the farmers believe themselves to be in the right. Despite this, they have harmed innocent people and enacted in such a way that I will be forced to do what I must to prevent further harm to this town." He proceeds to pull out a bottle of unknown alcohol from his backpack take a swig to calm his nerves, before putting it away. "So what say you? shall we attempt to scout around the grotto before we try to take it or go straight for it? I'm sure they may not be expecting an attack and are most likely celebrating their most recent haul." 
Chen would glare at the bottle before standing up. Chen would put his backpack on before saying. "Neve been good at sneaking myself so scouting will be difficult. Best bet would be a direct attack to catch them off guard." As Chen said this around his neck an amulet could be seen designed to look like a smile. "So, what say you to my plan? Direct attack to catch them off guard or did you have another plan?" 
Dohani would smile and reply "Sneaking is regrettably not one of my stronger points in spite of it's uses. I've personally favored a more direct approach myself. However as we get closer I will separate to see if there is another way in or a way to flank behind them." 
Chen would nod as he looked to Dohani and speaks. "Alright. Well, we should head out, quite the journey ahead of us." As Chen said this he would begin to walk in the direction of the bandits. 
Dohani falls into step beside Chen. They continue in silence as they approach the location of the grotto. As they get closer Dohani sees smoke coming from the direction they are facing. "It seems they are perhaps feasting over the spoils. I will Northwest in an attempt to perhaps circle around the camp. Wish me luck" 
Chen would nod to Dohani. Chen would wait for Dohani to leave before readying his longsword and charging in through the main gate. The bandit camp is packed with almost twenty bandits most wielding simple farming interments. In a short fight Chen would take down only two or three of the bandits before getting captured and locked up in a cell with the few prisoners the bandits do have. 
Dohani makes his way to the rear of the camp, he sees a guard surveying the area keeping watch. He tries to sneak closer to prevent causing alarm but due to his heavy armor the scout turns, spots him, calls out an alarm. Dohani rushes forward with his longsword and cuts off the scouts cry. Despite this, the damage is done and the guards nearest the guard turn towards the noise and eventually overwhem Dohani and take him captive next to Chen. 
Chen at this point is talking to himself and pacing around the cell. Chen is gripping his amulet as he tries to think of what to do. "Grinarva guide me... tell me what to do." 
Hearing Chen say these words, Dohani raises an eyebrow before speaking. "I admit perhaps we should have thought that out a bit more, but I definitely believe we shouldn't have separated. I apologize for my tactical error." After not receiving a response he sits back down quietly. As the hours progress, the guards watching over the prisoners raid Dohani's bag, finding his assortment of alcohol. After some joyous drinking they begin to wobble and become quite drunk. Dohani leans over to Chen and says "Follow my lead." Dohani approaches the bars keeping them in and asks one of the guards for a last drink before they are killed. The guard, with a large lack of fine judgement approaches the bars. As soon as he becomes in reach, Dohani reaches through and yanks the hapless guard forward into the bars stunning him. Dohani grabs the keys off the guards belt and tosses them to Chen while Dohani begins to strangle the guard. He calls out to Chen "This time lets take them together!" 
At the sudden sight Chen would laugh and catches the keys. Chen would use the keys to unlock the door before slipping out and grabbing a random weapon off the wall, an old rusty halberd, and uses it to knock the bandit out. Chen would signal for the other prisoners to stay and for Dohani to follow as Chen looks around at the last 15 bandits who are most drunk or sleeping. Chen looks at them and whispers to Dohani. "Any ideas?" 
After dohani finishes knocking out the guard, he loots him and the bandit Chen knocked out, finding 4 sticks of dynamite. He grabs his stolen gear puts and puts it back on. He follows chen and observes the remaining guards. Upon Chen’s question, Dohani gives him a toothy grin and says “This ought to rattle some teeth.” He hands him 2 of the sticks of dynamite. “After tonight, I learned that if stealth won’t work, may as well embrace it. Let’s get out of here with a bang.” 
Chen would look at the dynamite and chuckled slightly. Chen nodded before saying. "Just make sure to keep the hostages out of the blast." Chen would step back to allow you to get rid of the remaining soldiers. 
Dohani nods in affirmation and gets closer to the nearest cluster of guards. He lights both of his sticks before taking careful aim and throwing one each at the nearest groups. He turned to face Chen as the wicks counted down. He assumed the coolest pose he could think of and exclaimed, “remember, cool guys don’t look at explosions.” Before any response could be made the camp erupted in a cacophony of fire as the explosions went off and bedlam ensued. Thus alerting the remaining now awoken and frightened bandits. 
Without any hesitation the bandits would begin to scream and ponic before they begin to flee the camp. Within just a few minutes the camp would be empty as the bandits fled into the woods. At this Chen would begin to guide the prisoners out as he speaks to Dohani. "Good job.... Well, I never actually got your name." 
Dohani finishes checking his inventory of acquired items from the camp and pats off some soot from his armor. He looks up and smiles again and says “My name is dohani, I know we got off to a bit of a rocky start but things ended up okay. We don’t work too badly together.” 
Chen would smile to Dohani as he grabs his supplies along with the old halberd. "I am Chen Kao. That went much better the second time. Now, we should head back to town to tell the mayor the bandits are dead and or gone." 
Dohani looks at the now escaped prisoners running back towards town. He looks back at Chen and nodded his head in agreement. They follow the same path back to the town keeping a watchful eye on the freed townspeople. When they return the find the mayor waiting at the front gates. 
The mayor would quickly spot us and runs to us. The mayor smiles and would offer Dohani a bag of gold as payment before saying. "Good job adventurers! I hope the bandits were not too much of a problem for you two?" 
Dohani and Chen share a look between them before Dohani answers “No problem for the likes of us, everything went according to plan. Don’t hesitate to summon us back if you ever have any issues.” He shakes the mayors hand and gestures to Chen towards the tavern. “ Victory drink my friend? On me. I also need to replenish my stores” 
Chen would shake his head as he soon speaks. "I don't drink. Besides, I need to drop this halberd off for repairs and then I need to get back on my journey to Waterdeep." Chen said this as he started to walk towards the blacksmith. 
Dohani sighed in disappointment but followed Chen towards the blacksmith. “I just so happen to be heading towards waterdeep myself, and I have a sneaking suspicion your goal may align with mine. In addition, perhaps on the way you can tell me about this smiling god of yours.” 
Chen would chuckle as he arrives to the blacksmith. Chen would hand the halberd off to the blacksmith before telling him to deliver it to Waterdeep when it is finished. After Chen says this he would look at Dohani and says. "Not many reasons to head to Waterdeep in these days. And, I would be more than happy to tell you about Grinarva." 
Dohani looks at the amulet worn by Chen in curiosity and then pulls out a paper notice from his backpack with the words Mortal Guardians clearly visible on the top of the page. “Should I be safe in assuming you have one of these as well?” 
Chen would smirk slightly. Chen reaches into his bag and produces a similar notice before saying. "You would be very correct." 
Dohani looks at Chen’s matching notice before putting his away and a more serious look crosses his face. “I need to get stronger, I have goals I wish to accomplish, people in need to avenge, and I think the Guardians will help me with that. But I think together I might as well have some fun along the way.” He then gestures to the road for Chen to lead the way. 
Chen would follow Dohani. Not after long Chen puts his notice away and says. "Well, I suppose it is settled. We are going to head out to join the Guardians together. And, on the way, I am sure we will find plenty of work to do." 
Dohani smirks, pulls out a flask and takes a swig, enjoying the look of annoyance on Chen’s face. He puts it away and asks “What’s the worst that could happen?” He increases his pace on the path, passing a sign indicating the direction of waterdeep. 
Chen would follow after Dohani before saying. "Plenty can go wrong, but I am sure we could deal with it." 
“Don’t let me forget the dynamite.” Dohani says with a grin. They continue to banter back and forth along the path until they eventually pass out of sight. 

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