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David Penny's Book of Faces


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At the guild Hall of the Mortal Guardians David Penny will have set themselves up at a table with a simple leather bound book offering to sketch the faces of the other members of the guild and record their personalities within this book along with a way to honor their face should David Penny find themselves needing to honor them in such a way.

(Basically all you need do is describe or put a picture of your character along with a short description of their personality and a way David Penny could honor their face such as for Example)

On the fourth page of this simple book is a simple sketch of a Illithid with two extra eyes above their primary eyes. this Illithid seems to be wearing glasses and with a somewhat more feminine face (if you could say that of a Mindflayer). The page at the top Reads Dr. Patricia and Scrawled near the bottom of the page is "Honor by learning what she tried to teach me"

On the eighth page there is a Sketch of a Crocodile like Dragonborn covered in small scars. The top of the page reads "Old Grayfang" near the side it reads "Jovial, kind, yet battle hardened, and finally near the Bottom of the page it reads in different handwriting "Honor me Simply by taking my face to battle once more"

(Note: i am also going to put drawing of those David Penny met in the past when i get around to drawing them)

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Kail notices David Penny sketching and approaches. “I hear you are compiling a set of drawings of our members. A Face Book, if you will…” He glances over his shoulder before turning back to David. “I admit that I am not one for vanity, but having an enduring record of one’s existence does have its appeal. Events of late have grown much more treacherous. Who knows when this may be the only thing left of me in this world… Please honor me by seeking balance in your life.”

With that, Kail stands up and turns to walk away. “Off to find some new fishing spots near that Havensville place. I think I’ll be avoiding the docks around here for a while…”


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Erghan nervously approaches David Penny's table as if lost within the hall of the Mortal Guardians. He asks quietly: "I, er... I... you're the one that draws faces?" He glances over his shoulder ensuring that no one heard his request and then clears his throat. "I, uh, I'll have mine drawn then?"

The goliath's face is wide and round with a large nose and a thin, narrow mouth. His eyes are flat, even, and empty white, and they are overlooked by dark brows with a few wild strands. He has no hair on his head, and the deep brown lined patterns over his gray skin take the appearance of fractured and broken mountains--like one might find on a map of Faerun's terrain.

He waits patiently until David has finished the work, and when he looks it over, there is a strange, childlike wonder about the piece. If queried over what for which he should be remembered, he says simply, "For the trees. They are my friends." At last he departs with a simple, "Thank you," and goes about the rest of his day with the Mortal Guardians.

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