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Giovani Willowbell


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  • Character Sheet: https://ddb.ac/characters/72795997/9VIQtF
  • Race:
    • Earth Genasi 
  • Class
    • Celestial Warlock 
    • Circle of Wildfire Druid 
  • Backstory:
    • Gio was born and raised in Waterdeep, about to reach the age of getting booted from the orphanage he was luckily picked up by Mortal Guardian member Cersei. Even with her constant nagging of not going into the adventuring gig, Gio was too awestruck at the perilous and never boring adventuring life of hers. Innate with his own magic from a pact deal between a Phoenix and his parents long before he could speak, and getting more boons from the Phoenix after a failed first mission with the Guardians, Gio is taking his first steps as an adventurer he just has to make sure to do it when Cersei isn't looking.   
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Update Log 02: 

EXP: Gained 1800 from Ep8 and Rerun Ep1

Gold: Gained 430 GP

New totals

Level: 4
Experience: 2,800 / 6,500 XP
Coin: 523 GP
Magic items: Circlet of Blasting 

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