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Syllin Juldeka


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A rambunctious little scamp, Syllin grew up in an orphanage on the docks of Waterdeep. With dreams of the sea and a desire for adventure, she played on the grounds of the orphanage as "The Pirate Queen." She was swept up by a member of The Mortal Guardians for a better chance at a comfortable life and a greater chance to achieve her dreams. While she grew up in the docks district of Waterdeep, Syllin has never set foot on a boat, but she is confident she can handle a ship without issue. Her time on the playground made her a skilled swordswoman, earning her the title of Pirate Queen of recess. Though she learned with wooden swords, the homegrown footwork and ability made her a force to be reckoned with. She is excited to begin adventuring with The Mortal Guardians like her dad, and become the Pirate Queen of Waterdeep.

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Syllin is an Eladrin elf somewhere between spring and summer in her seasonal energies. She is 16, a young adult ready to take on adventuring. Mostly consisting of shades of green, her hair, skin, and eyes all have a various hue to them. Syllin often wears her hair shoulder length. She takes after her adoptive father in terms of style, wearing light silks intermitted with studded leathers and fine steels. As she adventures, she hopes to amass her own jewelry as trophies of her accomplishments. Syllin wears an eyepatch made of common leather over her right eye, which is perfectly functional. A bandolier of daggers and potions stretch across her chest and a pair of short swords rest in scabbards on her hips. 

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Current Stock:

PP: 185

GP: 3,173

SP: 0

CP: 0

EXP: 16,405/23,000 (level 6)

Luckstone (uncommon)

Gloves of Thievery (uncommon)

Map or Scroll case

Clothes, Common

Clothes, Fine

Dagger x 4

Potion of healing x 3

Short sword x 2

Studded leather

Thieves' tools

Guild title: Vaarelixian’s Bane


Mess kit

Rations x 10

Rope, hemp (50 ft.)


Torch x 10


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