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It is only a few days after Chen Kao joined the Mortal Guardians. In his work for the Guardians Chen would save a portion of his gold gains to work towards one goal, which today would fulfilled. Chen would walk through the streets of the Waterdeep temple district wearing his fine clothes. As he walks through the district he would be talking with a human man named Alexio Ariti who is dressed in fine priest garments. "I keep telling you Alexio. This place is in desperate need for the temple! And it needs someone faithful like you to lead it!". Alexio would shake his head as he says to Chen. "Chen... I am an old man. This town is the base of the Mortal Guardians, who aren't known for their friends. I cannot lead the temple here if battle were to break out.". Chen would frown as he says to Alexio. "But, I can help you Alexio! I am not a man meant to lead people by their faith. But, if battle erupts, I can defend you and the temple with all my strength. As the two continue to talk they soon arrive at a small marble temple with a fine, double, oak door leading inside. Chen would direct for Alexio to enter the temple and upon looking around both Chen and Alexio would be in awe at the fine Grinarvian carvings in the walls and pews of the temple. Chen would smirk at Alexio saying. "This temple is a fine design. The carpenters did great. Sad there is no priest to lead it.". At hearing this Alexio would sigh before saying to Chen. "Fine, I trust you Chen. I will lead this temple, if that is what you think is best." At hearing this Chen would eagerly embrace Alexio before saying. "You will not regret this Alexio! We will bring Grinarva to Waterdeep!" The two old friends would laugh slightly before beginning to walk around the temple to examine the fine architecture.

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