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Maya and EL


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Not sure the names are right but hey I'm just a Hugbear. Wanted to start a thread for my friends. I love the twins of course Maya being my favorite since she gives me treats and good ear scratches. Not to mention she loves to throw magic at our enemies!!! 

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Mara, I think, was how I originally wrote her name, but I'm very supportive of the idea of never having an "official"/canonical version of anything. If you like Maya, go for it! Could lead to some really funny interactions!

One of the goals of the RP/Fanfic section is that player creativity should be allowed to flourish--and never be stifled by someone saying "That's not canon! How dare you!" Even when we write our recaps, we try to keep them really vague to allow for the many different experiences and choices players have going through each episode.

For example, the many, many fates of Rian of Amphail 🤣

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