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Neri and Rian

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Ever since Davin, Neri felt a connection to Rian. Thinking back to the raid on her small river settlement that ended in her own sister’s disappearance. She felt the pain he now felt. She was far more professional then. She comforted him in that dark room that was once home to a rift. Their eyes met as she helped him to his feet to leave. She didn’t immediately let herself feel that connection, but it was there. 

Neri was fine with leaving him alone for a few days after the return to Waterdeep, but in long nights where they both lay awake, they would find each other in the garden or the library, share their stories, talk of the coming days.  She wouldn’t allow herself any attachment, but it was growing. 

It wasn’t until the day she travelled to the warehouse where her and her companions were ambushed by Ibor’s brother, and the subsequent situations in the tunnels where she nearly lost the entirety of her sanity, that she suddenly felt a surge of feelings she denied herself. Pure joy, deep sadness, fear, and then Rian entered her mind. She would have marched straight to him upon her return, but Rian had started picking up jobs with the guild and they were rarely there at the same time. 

Time continued slowly. She thought of him and worried at times, but they are both Mortal Guardians. Never alone on missions. Always aided by friends. He would be safe. 

When she found him barely alive, chained to a wall, her heart sank. Her hands shook as she picked the locks. Her whole body shook as she healed him. And as he took a breath and said her name, she felt that lump in her throat and the tears that threatened to fall. 

There is no telling where this story might go. All Neri knows now is if he were to fall, she would be lost. 

(I’m not good at this, but I’m certainly trying. :D)

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The rift in the courtyard glowed bright with that eerie energy she had seen before so many times. As she stood there, unable to move, she watched as each of her companions dove through it after the strange figure. She hesitated. Rian was just inside and hurt, everyone just leapt into an open rift without a thought. She thought about turning back, but what if those who jumped were still alive inside the rift. 

She stayed frozen for what felt like ages, until a voice entered her mind. It sounded like her mother, father and sister speaking all at once, "Run. Fight." So she did. She ran towards the rift and jumped into it. 

For a moment, she was blind. All she could see was white. So many emotions flowed through her mind. Fear, anger, regret, and there was Rian once again at the forefront. All she could think about was getting out and back to fight those remaining in the Guild Hall. 

She thought of her village, and how she hid from the fight, and she felt like she was doing the same thing now. As they moved along, fighting their way up the tower, all she could think was that they were taking too long. What if her home was gone at this point? What if he was gone? Every moment blurred together, and then, another leap into a rift.

Valora crashed into them. The Guild Hall stood strong. Somehow her embrace was comforting, but her words were anything but. So many injured, fallen. And with those words, Neri pushed past her, with her heart in her stomach, running towards the door...

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