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Episode 8: RP Continuation, Escaping Hell


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Tenayl shrugs, as they move over to a good place obscured by rocks. 
"If any progress is to be made, we need to be at our best. I suggest we rest."
They pull out a bedsheet from their sacs, before settling it down in the cover.

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Many distances away Cersei sneezes. 

"Who in the Nine Hells is talking about me."

Cersei had escaped earlier than her party, now far away from her party she had options to escape, but one choice had struck a part of heart. 

She takes a deep breath and turns to the entrance to Tiamat's Lair. From her own knowledge mixed with her patrons she knows that the guard entrances to the lair talk to the ones that dare enter, as the ones that even dare are extremely powerful, extremely brave, or extremely driven. 

"I hope the others found a way out. The only other ways out are Charon, an infinite staircase, or some Devil smuggling them to the City of Darkspine from the inner parts of the City of Dis." 

She tilts her head.

"Oh well I'll probably see them they have Tenayl with them."

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Unable to sleep, Twig just spends half the night using up most of the seeds in his bag making various flower ornaments and placing them around him... as the lack of nature around is also weighing on him.

Passes out eventually, but it was for from a restful night of sleep as he looks pretty exhausted still in the morning.

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