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Buff Buff Johnathan


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Buff Buff came down from the mountains with a grip full of fire.

He left his home to learn more about the world, to explore and learn. Buff Buff was always very smart for his people. Buff Buff has heard stories of other smart people, who are called "wisards" who read books, and the books give them powers over "majiques". Buff Buff has heard that there are groups of strong people that work together in "guildes" to make money and be strong togethers, called "advent tourers". Buff Buff understands that "Wisards" are the strongest "advent tourers", and therefore will be the strongest of them. Buff Buff has signed up with the "moral guarderians" to become the greatest "wisard" of all.

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Buff Buff Johnathan is a 9 foot, 270 pound, gray skinned Goliath. Buff Buff wears a stereotypical navy blue robe with golden stars and moons printed all over it. He is bald, but he wears a small, cone shaped hat with the same motif on it. Buff Buff has a hulking frame, and could be considered a "wall of meat". He has blue eyes and hands big enough that he could use turkeys as gloves. 

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Current Stock:

PP: 0

GP: 465

SP: 0

CP: 0

EXP: 3,100/6,500 (level 4)


Rod of Retribution

Arcane Focus

Clothes, Traveler's

Potion of Healing




Mess Kit

Rations x 10

Hemp Rope x 50 ft.


Torch x 10


Component Pouch

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