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Mason paced across the simple room he took at the guild hall. What Cersei had said, had offered... he'd been thinking about it on and off, between the jobs he took to keep himself busy. He honestly had not expected Nalga'tura to return to his life. But she did. And now he was... he was... There was too much to parse through, emotions were always something he struggled with. Perhaps he should take up the offer. Should he reach out to Nalga'tura? Ask her to join him? It could give them a chance to put to rest the flood of emotions between them. 

Making up his mind, Mason sought out the druid, finding her in the training grounds. He didn't announce himself, but he knew that she noticed him. "They are skilled. And those that aren't show promise," she says politely. 

Mason doesn't look at Nalga'tura. He can't, his heart still clenches in his chest. "I'm not here to mentor their skills, Tura," the orc language falling easily from his lips. He could feel her gaze now, felt the echoes of the heat in her eyes. He took a breath, and raised his eyes to meet hers. "I'm taking up Cersei's offer to... speak. I thought you could join me, and we could... could settle the unease between us. Since you are staying."

Nalga'tura took a moment of silence, contemplation. "Since I am staying," she repeated, slowly and softly. "Fine. Cersei is a trusted ally. I will join you."

The walk to the Magic Mirror was quiet. The same bit of unsteadiness fell between the two half-orcs. The two were directed by a water genasi to head to the second floor. It was a cozy set up, with the waiting area and the private rooms. Mason let his eyes take in as much of the room as quickly as possible. Nalga'tura approached the halfling at the desk. "We were looking for Cersei. She invited us to speak with her," motioning back to Mason, "A couple's therapy session."


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As the halfling girl goes to answer, a shuffling of boots clack down the steps. An Earth Genasi teen comes running down from the top floor, a mischievous grin and an adventuring bag accompanying him.

"Okay byeee love you, I'll be back before dinner I swear by Lathander."

A familiar voice rings out of view, almost muffled by the steps of the teen.

"If I find out you're on a guild quest, you better swear to more gods than Lathander." 

Descending the steps the voice is surprised to see who was on the second floor.

"Mason, Nalga'tura. Hello, how can I help you both today."

Puzzled, the woman looks to the two and then to the halfling receptionist.

"Ah um Cersei they are here for a couples therapy session, also you umm have 2 other appointments today, but that's around 8 pm and 10 pm." Cersei nods and clasps her hands.

"Ookay perfect then, its a slow day so you can leave early, for you two though please follow me. I'll give a brief rundown on what the first session will hope to cover and you both can let me know if it still interests you."

Cersei opens the room that was on the far end of the second floor, big windows that showed off and into the streets of Waterdeep's Trade Ward, chairs of a dark blue leather, and an old dark desk she makes her way towards. 

"Make yourself comfortable, when you're ready we can go over the overview." Cersei takes out her glasses, a clipboard, and sits at her chair with a smile. Nalga'tura shares a glance to Mason.

He puts his hands to the arms of the chair. Taking in the room, and taking in the emotions swelling in him, he exhales a sigh. With a slight turn to the druid he gives a nod. She greets it in a soft expression before looking back to Cersei. 

"We are ready now."

"Great, if at any point if it's too uncomfortable let me know. First I would like to ask about the history of your relationship, and individually what you consider to have caused the most stress in the relationship." She plays with her ink pen before continuing. 

"It's essential that there needs to be an honest, open communication. Rightfully so, as the next step is planning out goals after hearing said stresses." She stands up and sits on her desk, shrugging her shoulders. 

"And well that's the general idea of what this session will go over. Nothing big or grand, we may even take longer than a session if thats what is comfortable, but if this is truly what you both want we need to establish this communication first."


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